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Welcome to Luxury Florida Vacation, LLC

                           "Our commitment to Excellence is our Obsession”.

Florida is known for its perfect sunny days, countless beaches and top family destinations.  
Imagine spending your vacation in the comfort of a luxurious Golf Resort home, with the access of traveling across the state in a lavish car and enjoying the sunshine, theme parks and popular Florida destinations.

No need to imagine any longer. Florida Luxury Vacation is your one stop premium vacation service. Our mission is to offer top of the line luxury service for you and your guests without the hassle. From luxury transportation, beautiful lodging to creating your vacation itinerary, we can help start planning your escape today. With over 10 years of experience among our team, we provide superior service and strive for the best for all our guests.

When planning your next family getaway or luxurious vacation, leave it to Florida Luxury Vacation to make your dream trip a reality. Our Packages will meet your needs and priced just right for any budget. Whether you are on a family vacation or on a business trip, our professional tour guides will assist in making a memorable vacation here in the Sunshine State. 

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